Privacy Policy

What information we collect?

The only data collected is your email address that we get WHEN and IF you chose to contact us by clicking "Say" on our website or directly sending a message to our address "". When sending the message we will also collect whatever sensitive information you add into Message (so, maybe it’s not necessary).

Who is collecting my data?

We are collecting it, where "we" means:
Akiom Solutions srl
CUI/UIN: 26436411
EUID: ROONRC.J22/86/2010
Luminii 14, 707410 Valea Lupului

How we collect it?

The information goes only to our email server and it is stored like any other email.

Why we collect it?

By sending us an email message you wish to contact us, so we collect this information in order to reply to you.

How it will be used?

The only way we use the collected information is to reply your message via email.

Who will we share it with?

We do not share the information we collect from you with any third party what so ever.

How can I ask to remove it?

Just email us and say it. We will remove everything in less than one(1) working day.